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Received his electronics degree in Pittsburgh, Pa. He was employed as a Customer Service Rep/Monitoring Station Manager with Honeywell Corporation for 21 years before becoming self-employed. Also works for Guardian Protection Services as Tech Support at the corp. office in Pittsburgh PA. He has a varied technical background in alarm and security fields. Mike has been a recipient of several industrial awards for the implementation of such fields.  Mike keeps busy with volunteering for March of Dimes annual walk, Relay for Life Events, along with various local charities. MJP Web Design & More has provided websites for NAAFA, several virtual businesses and, of course, Indiana American Coed. Like his wife, he is no stranger to grand productions. Much of his earlier years were spent involved with school productions, audio/visual department, and assisted with live broadcasts of church services for a local radio station. Mike takes great pride in his four children but the love of his life is “Miss Lilly” his first grandbaby. Maintaining the Miss American Coed Pageants for OH & PA website and computer needs is his main focus along with managing the novelties table.